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A chatbot can interact with your customers and get their name, address and a brief description of the problem.A more advanced bot can even make suggestions based on the issue before connecting them to a service rep.“People are increasingly dependent, but they don’t have any idea how these things actually work.” By gamifying the blockchain, Crypto Kitties makes it entertaining enough for people to want to learn about it. Many people remember the bots of old from AOL Instant Messenger days, but they’ve advanced considerably since then. Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa — part of Echo — are both examples of a chatbot-type system.They want to be able to do the same with brands and organizations now, too.

Everyone wants to be able to get their experiences and have their interactions, on the go, at any time of day or night.

More involved processes, like getting evaluated for workers compensation or a resulting IRE, could be made simpler through modern chatbots and assistant platforms.

They can also help speed up long process and make it easier for those involved to have what might otherwise be an intimidating conversation.

Look, anyone that’s ever had to press “2” to get a customer-service representative on the line knows how annoying call-based automated systems can be.

These are a form of chatbot, and are designed to work remarkably similar to the text-based ones.

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We explore the insights behind the game, and why tech breakthroughs need to be masked in cuteness for people to get on board.

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