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Even after all that, Polito told the crowd, the district was facing a million budget shortfall.“If we don’t take action to balance our budget this year, we run the real risk of running out cash in May or June of 2018, which means we’re not going to be able to pay our vendors and we’re not going to be able to pay our employees,” he said.

The consolidation plan still leaves at least another million to cut.

Music, physical education, sports — even full-day kindergarten — are on the table.“Anything that could be considered extra has to be considered, and our board faces some really grim choices,” Badams said.

“There's nothing left to cut.”Beyond the broken funding formula, employee pensions are a big drain.

Those students are scattered across the city, so the district doesn’t save that much on overhead.“One of the fallacies of the whole notion of school choice as being away to improve the actual public school system is that when you take resources away from the schools that you’re hoping will compete, you make them less competitive,” Badams said.

If the Trump administration is successful, more school choice is coming.

Erie is one of the country’s top resettlement sites for refugees.

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